Making Demons Run

Michelle Hartman

God stays away because he’s afraid of his little creations.
Any friend turned enemy has been hating since day one.

No winners or losers, only who gets to tell the story.
I quit trying to fit a world that did not fit me.

Eyes are openings to the soul, and some of us can read eyes.
Success means not knowing what I’m attempting is not possible.

If you’re killing someone you should look sharp, it’s a big day in their life.
Others were reading romance; I was reading Poe.

I’m “used to it”, is the saddest thing I’ve ever said.
My special blend of Autumn song has started driving me mad.

Emotionally done, mentally drained, spiritually dead, yet I smile.
My will says to mix my ashes with ink and write how no one listened.

My mind is full of everything I never said.
All of a sudden, I feel nothing, and it feels wonderful.

That was when my demons called the Exorcist.

Michelle Hartman is the author of four books available on Amazon, along with three chapbooks. Hartman’s work can be found online, in multiple journals in America and various countries overseas. She is the former editor of Red River Review, and co-owner of The Hungry Buzzard Press.