по дороге в лес / On the way to the woods

Ivan de Monbrison

Вот небо, полное

фиолетовых рук.

Деревья уже имеют цвет вечера.

Трава зеленая.

Дорога идет от деревни до леса.

И по этой пути ребенок идет один,

он топает ногой в красный шарик.

В небе облака, скоро пойдет дождь


Here is the sky full

of purple hands.

The trees already have the color of the evening.

The grass is green.

The road goes from the village to the forest.

And along this path a child walks alone,

kicking a red ball with his foot.

There are clouds in the sky, it will rain soon.




Ivan de Monbrison has studied non-western languages at university among them Arabic, Hindi, Bengali. He worked as an exhibition assistant for several years at the Picasso Museum in Paris. He published his first poems in small literary magazines in 1992. He's been published in magazines on all continents since then. A collection of his works is due to appear in Broken Sleep Books press called "Brambles" next March, and a chapbook called The Other Self in Back Room Poetry press next June.