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What Did Noah Do For a Living?

Kentucky’s 510 ft. Ark Encounter.
Pine, not the customary gopher wood.
$40 adult/day. Unlimited 7 day combo
$99, zip line included.

“The Souk” gift store.
1st deck’s snack stand.
Ararat Ridge Zoo: ride a donkey/camel.
Rainbows light up the Ark.

Spend the night onboard.
Girls on deck 2. Boys on deck 3.
Chaperones $42 apiece:
2 male, 2 female (of course).

Purchase your bag of dirt for $10.
Creation Apologetics will explain
fossils, petrified wood, coral.
Study it at camp!

How to feed onboard animals?
Conveyor belts.
How to pack enough food?