What Did Noah Do For a Living?

Therese Svoboda
https://arkencounter.com/ Kentucky's 510 ft. Ark Encounter. Pine, not the customary gopher wood. $40 adult/day. Unlimited 7 day combo $99, zip line included. “The Souk” gift store. 1st deck's snack stand. Ararat Ridge Zoo: ride a donkey/camel. Rainbows light up the Ark. Spend the night onboard. Girls on deck 2. Boys on deck 3. Chaperones $42 apiece: 2 male, 2 female ... Read More

The Hills of Ojców When I Was Small

Erik Harper Klass
Jan Lechoń and his lover lie side by side, like two question marks, on a bed of saffron sheets. Jan Lechoń’s lover faces the wall (faces away from Jan), head on a pillow of straight hands, knees pulled up, legs crossed at the ankles. You will come with me? Jan asks, running a finger slowly along his lover’s spine. He ... Read More

On Quitting Coffee

Jason Warshof
That awful fall of 2016 needs no introducing. But we all have our associations with it. My sister had just then learned she was pregnant for the first time, and I sensed the political calamity registered as little more than background chatter against her joy. For me, though, November truly did feel like the end of the world. Antarctica was ... Read More

This Could Be Anywhere, I Could Be Anyone

Jen Grow
I leave the store after a small, middle-aged domestic thrill: A good deal on bathroom rugs ($14.99 for two). As soon as I walk across the parking lot to my car, I know I’ll return them tomorrow. I don’t need them, but I need something. I weave through the lot and see a teenager and his girlfriend sitting in a ... Read More

If There’s an Angel of Lost Gloves

Denton Loving
my father didn’t believe and didn’t wait for holy intercession. He mislaid his gloves faster than his temper. He wasn’t ...

The Long Walk in April [Howick, Northumberland]

Ceinwen Haydon
New bracken unfurls Sea-horse fronds born in grass Gnarled Ent shadows whorl Busy silence pulses past Sea-horse fronds born in grass Solitary ...

Laced Intentions

Lorrie Ness
I hate lace curtains and their contortionist ways. Their holes deforming like Munch’s scream at the slightest tug— underdogs in ...

Mademoiselle Ravoux

Kassandra Montag
--on the painting by Van Gogh The sunflowers grow taller this year. They nearly touch the sun. I climb a ...

Dear Son

Therese Svoboda
It's the day before the day before. The sky is still blue. Which vessel for the DNA – lightship or ...

Elegy for the Turtle

Eleanor Levine
I will be sad for a moment because she used words like “quotidian”—and “it’s ok to discuss your $900 compressor ...

Dancing with a Doorknob

Barbara Conrad
Everything you’d want in a dance partner was there in Betsy’s basement, Friday night girl party, stereo blasting the Everly ...


Shirley Brewer
in memory of my brother, Richard We piled into your burgundy ’48 Chrysler each October, our fall pilgrimage to the ...

My Lanyard

Bruce Spang
As a boy I had no idea what to do with my hands. At Camp Hastings YMCA camp, where the ...

Sangen Jaya

Valerie Fox
It’s been eighteen, nineteen years. I triangulate my way around unnamed streets and pass by the noodle shop, a police ...

Thursday Morning in October on Salem Mubarak Street

Craig Loomis
At the bakalah, I part the heavy plastic that covers the doorway, and aiming a Salamalakum in the direction of ...

We Want It to Be History

Terese Svoboda
Australians battled the flood until a bird with a leaf in its mouth showed them the way to Mt. Broome ...

Nine Boxes

Katherine Bell
1. Kitchen Items Pots and pans. Mugs. Beer glasses from various bars across the country. Matching plates and bowls with ...

Eyes On Him

Caroline Bock
-“Beauty has a strangeness”-- Linda Gregg, from her poem, “Fragments” Mottled, veins afloat, shadows flicker, the lid dips, and resists, ...


Toby Goostree
Six months later, when your period returned to an empty house, curtains drawn, I bought an ovulation test; you were ...

Meet the Fitbittiest

Nathan Leslie
We are proud to announce the Fittbittiest, the much improved-upon watch slash gate-keeper of the body slash mentor slash Yoda ...

The Stone Menagerie

Daniel Jenkins
In Tanzania, a thesaurus of birds perch stiffly, petrified by the alkaline slime of Lake Natron. These avian stones, these ...


Peter Amos
And so Natalie came to see sleep as the solution. It made her feel like barfing a little, like the ...