After the Hegira

Jeffrey Dieter

He comes back to the house, its unassuming frame.
What the windows collected remains:
some ruined crocuses, rust-dipped leaves. No flame.
One caught wind howling over dead-headed geraniums.

This is his face. These are his hands,
two bone-thin tea cups. This, his life.
With the dream-cleft dropped,
a return to becoming.

Considering the untamed eye reflected, asks
what’s still between us?
Over—the look of impenetrability.
Over—the immoveable shattered I.

Jeffrey Dieter’s work has appeared in the following literary journals/publications: Allegheny Review, Barrier Island ReviewCalliope, Grubb Street, Harford Poetry and Literary Society, The Hollins Critic, River Poets, Tributaries, and Gertrude Press. He has also had the great fortune of winning 2nd place in the Bethesda Literary Contest judged by Stanley Plumly.