What Did Noah Do For a Living?

Therese Svoboda


Kentucky’s 510 ft. Ark Encounter.
Pine, not the customary gopher wood.
$40 adult/day. Unlimited 7 day combo
$99, zip line included.

“The Souk” gift store.
1st deck’s snack stand.
Ararat Ridge Zoo: ride a donkey/camel.
Rainbows light up the Ark.

Spend the night onboard.
Girls on deck 2. Boys on deck 3.
Chaperones $42 apiece:
2 male, 2 female (of course).

Purchase your bag of dirt for $10.
Creation Apologetics will explain
fossils, petrified wood, coral.
Study it at camp!

How to feed onboard animals?
Conveyor belts.
How to pack enough food?

Terese Svoboda's Professor Harriman's Steam Air-Ship, her most recent book of poetry, was published in 2016. Anything That Burns You: A Portrait of Lola Ridge, Radical Poet was published in paper in 2018, and Great American Desert, a book of stories, in 2019. "Terese Svoboda is one of those writers you would be tempted to read regardless of the setting or the period or the plot or even the genre.”--Bloomsbury Review.